Contactless Control


Contactless technologies (NFC/RFID) are supported on our products by two means :

This service allow you to control your product playlist with NFC tags.

Holusion advises the use of ccid compliant readers

Contactless control

Product configuration to use contactless readers takes only a few seconds.

Set Up :

Usage :

When placing a card in range from the reader, the admin interface will display it’s unique ID (“Options” tab).

holusion contactless tag recognition

Once copied this ID can be added to a media’s configuration panel by clicking on it’s icon.

holusion contactless tag recognition

Note : “nfc” must be written in lower case. Don’t forget to click on to save changes.

How it works

When a card is on the reader :

When no card is detected :

To stop NFC tracking, just delete the config line using the icon on conf panel and save changes.